Create Jobs, Help Orphanages, Provide Education and give the Gift of Clean Water to Rural Cambodians

Create jobs for a better future

Causes, Jobs

This Project empowers poor rural woman and helps reduce sex trafficking of girls by providing Sewing Vocational Training. Unemployment is one of the burning issues among youth in Cambodia. Due to the lack of skills and being unable to utilize available resources, poorer communities are forced to migrate elsewhere and end up working as daily la...
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Help the Orphanages in Need

Causes, Orphanages

The two Orphanages we are currently supporting are: The Bo De orphanage located in Hanoi, Vietnam. This Orphanage is located in a Buddhist monastery in a neighborhood bordering the Mekong River. The orphanage thanks in abandoned children and raises them until they are educated and in the work force. Their biggest need in money for...
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Change a Life Through Education

Causes, Education

Phuoc Tan School Infrastructure: the building is alright, but it lacks teaching facilities. Number of children: (400 + or – ) as students often stop studying for different reasons. Ethnicity: Cham ethnic minority, Cham Hroi ethnic minority Suoi Bac School Infrastructure: the building is O.K. b...
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Donate and Give Clean Water

Causes, Clean Water

The Challenge Land mines and other explosives have killed 6,144 people in Cambodia since 2000. Thousands more have been maimed. Since 1992, more than 476 million square meters of land in Cambodia has been cleared or land mines. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has stated that it is unlikely Cambodia will achieve nationwid...
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