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Ethnic Schools Project 2016

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Minnesota Veterans for Progress is working on three building projects for schools located in the Phu Yen Province of Vietnam. We have also started a forth project to directly support individual Ethnic children attending school in Phu Yen Province. These projects will facilitate the education and well being of poor Ethnic minority children (Edi, Cham and Hroi children) living in this province. Phu Yen is the poorest province of Vietnam. The ethnic children living in this province are part of an ancient agrarian subculture of subsistence level farming and fishing that has existed for centuries in the hills and mountains of rural Vietnam. Without an education, these children will continue to live in the same grinding subsistence level poverty that their ancestors have.

Update February 16th, 2016

Thank you very much for your support to build play yard and drinking water system for the An Hoa kindergarten!

The project completed and was handed over for use on Thursday 04th Feb 2016. It is a very meaningful project for us. The kids are very excited. They were wearing their most beautiful clothes to the kindergarten to enjoy the play ground for the first time in their life. We installed the toys and drinking water system and handed over to the school. - Thao Tranthach

You can help

By financially supporting one or more of these four projects, you can improve the lives and futures of poor ethnic minority children living in the Phu Yen Province, Vietnam.

Project #2

Toilet system updates and modifications for the Niem VUI Disabled Children's school located in Phu Yen province. This school serves 120 disabled children including those who are blind, those can not hear and those whom can not speak from ages three to sixteen. The project will rebuild and update the school's eight bathrooms. Currently five bathrooms are unusable and three are only partially usable. (Project cost: $11,500 USD)

I visited Niem Vui Disabled School and took some photos of the children. Hope we are able to raise some money to fix the toilet system for the school!
Thao, in Phu Yen Province

Project: Niem Vui Disabled Children School Toilet System Modification

02A, Phan Lu Thanh street, Tuy Hoa City, Phu Yen province, Vietnam

About the school

  • Year of construction: 1993

  • Number of children: 120 from 3 to 16 years old. 45 children stay at the school during the day (go back home on the weekend), 40 children stay at the school till evening and the rest come when they have class. All children are disabled: deaf, dumb, blind autism or other handicaps.

  • The school has 8 toilets, 5 of them are completely damaged and were closed. Other 3 toilets also got damaged but they are still in use.

Cost estimation: ~$11,500 USD.

Our goal is to repair all 8 toilets before the school year starts.

MVP is providing financial support for individual students attending three "ethnic schools" located in the Phu Province, Vietnam. Phu Yen is the poorest province in Vietnam. The students attending these three "Ethnic Schools" are members of minority tribes and clans. Their families live by subsistence level farming and fishing. Sending their children to school is difficult financially and socially.

For $300 you can make it possible for a disadvantaged ethnic child to attend school for a year.

This will pay for

  • School tuition

  • A school uniform

  • School books and supplies

  • Food to eat at school

  • Help with transportation to and from school including a bicycle if needed

For each child supported, the sponsor will receive a photo of the child, a profile of the child and reports on the child at least twice a year.

Help us collect: $10,000